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Today’s blog post was written by Daron Standifird from Nolensville. He has some thoughts he felt compelled to write after a recent LODD. Line of duty deaths are terrible consequences to our line of work but we should always accept them with an approach of appreciation and reflection. We should take the time to look at ourselves and appreciate what we have and what we get to do. Don’t use our friends’ memories to fear monger and deflect our need to be reflective.

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       Daron and his son

      Daron and his son

I was reflecting after attending a firefighters LODD funeral. If that ever happened to me I hope that you will not be sad for me and that you will not dwell on the way I died. I hope the fire service would investigate and learn from it but I would be willing to pay that price. Think about instead what that price was paid for. That was the price to be a firefighter. The best job in the world. This is not about whether or not I get a paycheck, it is the best job regardless. The price to have the honor of helping, even just a little, hundreds and thousands of people. On their bad day and their emergency. Sick old ladies off the floor, car wrecks, going to schools and yes, sometimes fires. I get to help all kinds of people, in all different ways and it all adds up. It adds up to everyone knowing that they can call 911 and help is on the way. That firefighters are coming and things are about to get better. I get to be a tiny part of earning that sense of security for the communities I serve and helping everyone feeling safe. That would be what I died for if that ever happened to me. Please don’t ever think that I just got smooshed for some burnt wood that didn’t matter anymore. I would be so sorry for the price that my family and children would have to pay and continue to pay so that I could have been a firefighter. But I couldn’t do it without their support. I am a firefighter for them and you and it’s because of them. So don’t be sad for me, I got to be a firefighter.